South Gippsland Action Group (SGAG) has been trying to obtain information from the shire administration about the proposed Waste Strategy.
Amongst all the work the new councillors were doing on the Budget and Council Plan, the administration released a Waste Strategy.
SGAG attempted to assist the councillors to assess this strategy but felt we could not make a reasoned judgement as there was insufficient information available, so we put some questions to council.
We also suggested that perhaps council could hold some public information meetings to inform the ratepayers.
Please note, the administration only gave you until the end of March to lodge a submission and did not make it clear they would only collect your garbage (red lid bin), once every two weeks.
We are sorry to say that the council administration did not want us to cast any light upon the Waste Strategy.
Instead, they have referred our questions to when submissions will be considered!
Remember we felt we could not make a submission as there was a critical lack of information.
Will our new Waste Strategy mean we have two-week old nappies rolling down the street on windy days when the bin blows over?
Unfortunately SGAG was unsuccessful in getting you further information before the deadline for submissions.
However, to help SGAG be more successful, come along to our inaugural meeting on Tuesday, April 11, 7.30pm at the Leongatha RSL.
Lindsay Love, Leongatha.