IN AMONGST the strawberry plants and woodchips that make up one of the feature gardens in the carpark at the Koonwarra Saleyards (VLE Leongatha), you’ll see something kind of weird if you take a close look.
It’s a sight that’s completely at odds with the hard-working, macho image of the stockman and saleyards’ operators who work there.
In between the plants someone has placed a ‘Ken’ doll and half-a-dozen ‘Barbie’ dolls, in carefully chosen clothing, seemingly quite content with their surroundings.
Ken, for example, is wearing an Hawaiian tank top and rather fetching pair of harem pants, suitable for the summer but, oh dear, there’s some chilly weather ahead.
The mystery, which no one can explain however, is how they got there!
“They just appeared there one day, I don’t know, maybe 18 months to two years ago, in amongst the strawberries but no one will say who put them there,” said VLE staff member, Danni Klinkhamer.
“We’ve had a few laughs about it. They do look a bit strange in that setting that’s for sure,” she said.
Many regulars to the saleyards will already have noticed them but unless you park up close to the administration block, you may not have seen them.