Do we want our Korumburra Visitor Information Centre to close?
At present, that is one of the options being considered by the South Gippsland Shire Council.
Korumburra is the gateway to South Gippsland. It makes good sense to give visitors as they enter our region from Melbourne a chance to see what South Gippsland has to offer.
The service offered by staff and volunteers at Korumburra is outstanding.
These people are passionate about the area and have a great understanding of all that is happening around the region.
The information centre is full of information and brochures on all attractions and up to date local events throughout the region.
It is perfectly located at Korumburra’s main tourist attraction, Coal Creek Community Park & Museum, complementing each other and providing amble parking for caravans.
We would all agree that the way people source their tourist information has changed over the years with technology offering many different options.
But technology isn’t for everyone and tourist information centres still play a very big role in providing tourists with information about the local area.
Tourism is important to our region which attracts over 1 million visitors each year. We need to be encouraging and supportive of their visit.
The cost of operating the two information centres in our shire requires a very small proportion of the overall shire budget.
It would be extremely premature to close these facilities based on this review. This is a service that you may never have used but it is a vital service to tourists visiting this area.
We need to stand up and be heard now rather than when the decision has been made.
I urge you complete the online survey on the shire website. The link is on the opening page.
If you would like to hear more about the options being put forward, the final consultation session will be held at Coal Creek on Thursday night, April 27 at 7pm.
Noelene Cosson, president, Korumburra Business Association.