WINTER is soon to arrive, with short days, cold nights, and rain, absolutely perfect for getting trees started in the ground, according to Phil Piper, president of the Mardan–Mirboo North Landcare Group.
But don’t wait for winter to arrive; now is the time to get ready.
“If you haven’t already ordered your plants, contact local nurseries that specialise in revegetation plants to see what they can provide,” Phil said.
“You’ll need a mixture of trees, bushes and grasses – indigenous varieties of course.
“Autumn is the best time to prepare areas to be planted out. Start by setting up fencing to protect the trees from stock.
“Removing competition from grass is important to allow trees to get established, so slash the area, or spot spray, which is easier and more effective,” he said.
Members of local Landcare Groups help each other with planting sessions or ‘Tree Bees’.
After the member has prepared their planting area other Landcare members arrive armed with tree planters.
“We usually do this on a Sunday morning,” Phil said.
“As we typically plant for a couple of hours we can get up to 1000 trees into the ground, then we down tools, and finish with a shared lunch and lots of socialising.
“It is always a very pleasant and rewarding exercise.”
The results speak for themselves in just a few years after planting shelter belts.
Landcare has a range of publications that discuss the best varieties of trees and shrubs for revegetation in South Gippsland, as well as how to go about tree planting.
Each year Landcare provides funds to help landholders fence and plant out parts of their properties.
Contact the South Gippsland Landcare Network to find out what grants are available.
To find out more about tree planting and Landcare go to or call 5662 5759.