I want to congratulate Bass Coast Shire councillors and administration for the extra time, and effort in formulating a four year plan for the future direction of this council.
I was very impressed with the number of written submissions and the many workshops that were attended by shire officers, councillors and interested ratepayers who contributed to these guidelines.
The process for the formulation of this work is of great benefit to all ratepayers and this will be proven in the future.
I attended one of the budget information sessions and was impressed with the presentation.
The work and effort that has gone into creating this budget with the constraints of the rate cap, rising costs across the board and balancing the many demands of interest community groups is no mean feat.
Less than 20 people across the whole of this shire seemed to show any interest in the proposed budget information sessions.
I suspect that at the next council meeting there will be a near unanimous vote to pass the draft budget and council plans that will benefit future development of our shire.
The apparent low interest shown by the community in the contents of the draft budget, I feel is an indication that demonstrates that the public are aware that at this stage of formulation, means that the draft contents can only be minimally changed.
I suggest that a system be introduced that allows citizens to have a greater say in future pre-budget preparation from selected community representatives, in the form of a citizen referendum. It would be good if this could be put in place before the next budget.
GK Cant, Inverloch.