Landmark auctioneer Brian McCormack, left, calls the action with Kev Clark, centre, and Tim Brown on what was a big sale for the green team. N031817

VENDORS were the winners at the massive store sale at VLE Leongatha’s Koonwarra saleyards last Thursday.
More than 2000 head of cattle were yarded on what was a big day for Landmark.
The main vendors were Tarwin Lower’s Western family who run Elm Valley. They sold 223 Angus/Black Baldy weaners (seven to nine months) in their annual draft. The beautifully quiet steers have thrived in the conditions this summer.
“They’ve done really well. The steers in last year’s draft were about 30 to 40kg lighter and were weaned earlier because it was so dry, but these have gone to the normal weaning time.”
Elm Valley’s regular local buyers were keen to snap them up.