Bendigo Bank last week frantically attempted to refund customers’ stolen funds after a skimming device on a Bendigo Bank ATM in Wonthaggi stole their cards’ details. mm062017

“Don’t panic. Protect.” The Bendigo Bank ATM on the corner of McBride Avenue and Graham Street tells customers not to panic, after customers’ bank accounts were drained when their cards’ details were stolen as a result of a skimming device on the machine. mm052017

The card scanner on the Bendigo Bank ATM in Wonthaggi still has glue residue on it from a skimming device that was glued on the machine on the weekend of May 6 and May 7. mm072017

THE Wonthaggi Bendigo Bank branch has been inundated with complaints from alarmed customers whose bank accounts were drained after they used the ATM outside the branch.
A skimming device was discovered on the bank’s ATM outside the branch at the corner of McBride Avenue and Graham Street.
The ‘Sentinel-Times’ understands at least 24 people had their bank accounts drained after using the ATM on Saturday, May 6 and Sunday, May 7.
Bendigo Bank will not confirm how much money was taken or how many customers were affected, although two victims were stripped of a combined $820 and all victims the ‘Sentinel-Times’ has spoken to said their accounts were emptied, to the nearest twenty or one hundred dollar increments.
Despite the skimming device been removed more than a week ago, there is still glue residue on the ATM’s card reader.
The incident has left many Bendigo Bank customers concerned it could happen again.

Hundreds gone
Wonthaggi resident Jenny Wegert was one of the first Bendigo Bank customers who realised their bank account had been emptied.
Ms Wegert received a phone call from the bank’s fraud department on Monday morning asking her if she had just withdrawn the majority of her money in Clayton; Ms Wegert said she didn’t.
“I wouldn’t know looking at an ATM if it has a skimmer or not,” she said.
She admitted she thought the phone call was a scam, partly because the operator believed Wonthaggi was in New South Wales. The operator apologised and said she had made a mistake.
“I thought ‘How can I prove that I wasn’t in Clayton?’ I don’t have a car, I don’t drive.”
Ms Wegert went to the Wonthaggi Police Station to fill out a statutory declaration confirming she was not in Clayton.
She then went to the Bendigo Bank shortly after they opened and was told she was the second person to have money taken out of her account.
It was a similar case for local Kate Ross, who had $420 taken out of her account.
Ms Ross was charged two sets of fees at an ATM in Clayton and said it’s likely they checked the balance of her account and then withdrew as much money as they could.

Wonthaggi resident Sandra Cuttriss spent a relaxing Monday morning at the local salon.
But things quickly took a turn for the worse when she went to pay and her card declined.
She called her husband and he said he took cash out from the Wonthaggi ATM on Sunday, but said there should still be $400 in the account.
Ms Cuttriss checked her bank account online and saw $400 was withdrawn from an ATM in Springvale.
Ms Cuttriss frantically ran down to the Bendigo Bank branch, where she found out her husband’s card details had been skimmed.
“There was nothing left,” she said.
“He didn’t use it anywhere else, so it was definitely at that machine.”
But unlike other victims, the couple didn’t receive any correspondence from the bank alerting them of suspicious activity on their account.

Text messages
After the bank became aware of the skimming, it began sending out text messages to victims, as well as to customers who used the ATM over the weekend.
Bendigo Bank customer Joshua Burgess took money out of the ATM on Sunday and received a text message from the bank on Monday at around 10am notifying him they had blocked his bank account.
“A temp block has been placed on your account due to your card details being at risk. Please ring Bendigo & Adelaide Bank via the number on the back of your card,” the message read.
He was one of the lucky ones, because he said none of his money was taken.
But that wasn’t the case for Wonthaggi resident Kim McCandless, who had $60 withdrawn from an ATM in Dandenong.
She received a text message from Bendigo Bank at around 11am asking her to call the number on the back of her bank card as well.
She holds a joint account with her partner Luke Borne, who used the ATM in Wonthaggi on Sunday morning.
Mr Borne’s card has been cancelled and the bank said it would take around seven days for him to receive a new one.
But it’s not the first time it’s happened. The couple lost around $2000 last year in a separate incident and only recovered about two-thirds of their money.

Bank needs to act
Jenny Wegert said banks need to be more proactive in protecting customers against skimming devices.
“Who knows how much money is gone?” she said.
“I personally feel that when the banks know that people can put these skimming machines on, that every bank, branch and ATM should have some locking system so it doesn’t happen.”
She admitted as technology grows and the banks become smarter, so do crooks.
“I wouldn’t know looking at an ATM if it has a skimmer or not,” she said.
“The banks do, so why don’t they put big pictures on what these mechanisms look like so you can have a look and make sure everything’s normal?”
In most cases, the bank has told customers it will take up to 45 days to retrieve their funds.
However, Sandra Cuttriss and Kate Ross had their funds returned on Wednesday, May 10, including any fees associated with the withdrawals.

Bank’s response
Bendigo and Adelaide Bank media manager Simon Disney confirmed there was a skimming device on the ATM over the weekend, but has since been removed.
He said law enforcement authorities are investigating.
“The bank has fraud monitoring strategies in place to prevent, detect and quickly react to events such as skimming.
“The bank takes these events very seriously and participates and cooperates with both industry partners and law enforcement to combat fraud.
“We encourage customers to follow these guidelines to protect themselves from fraudulent activity, including skimming:
• Be mindful of your surroundings when making a transaction
• If you notice any suspicious behaviour or devices at or around an ATM or EFTPOS terminal, do not proceed with the transaction
• Many ATM and EFTPOS terminals are now fitted with a privacy shield to cover your PIN when being entered.
• Be particularly cautious when entering your PIN if the terminal has not been fitted with one.
• We recommend you use your spare hand to obscure the entry of your PIN in this case
• Take care to ensure that your card is not taken out of your sight when making a purchase
• Never allow your card to be swiped through a device other than the EFTPOS terminal
• Notify us immediately if your card or PIN has been lost, stolen or compromised.
“If a customer should have any concerns or queries, or if they notice any unusual activity on their account, we urge them to contact the bank on 1300 BENDIGO (1300 236 344).”