Two weeks ago within these pages, Preserve Western Port (PWP) chair Mr Jeff Nottle was kind enough to compliment my contribution to trying to stop the Hastings Container Port project from proceeding.
However, his words “he knows of no other long term contributor”, were incorrect, as he obviously forgot to look in the mirror.
No organisation can survive and prosper without strong, effective and inclusive leadership and throughout the three year hard slog that has been PWP, Jeff has provided that in “dredge bucket loads” (Perhaps not the best of analogies, but very true nonetheless).
The whole Bass Coast community recognised this via his achievement of the 2015 Bass Coast Citizen of the Year.
So well done mate, and I look forward to sharing our next “excellent red” with you.
NB. We do have a far more descriptive title for the above, but it can’t be printed here!
Kevin Chambers, The Gurdies.