Searching the web for information about the local water factory, I came across the following article dated October 12, 2016:
Written in consultation with Aquasure’s Matt Brassington it reports as follows regarding the current order to supply 50 gigalitres by June 30, 2017.
“Aquasure’s Victorian Desalination Plant fulfils its first water order… The Watersure team ramped up production in the three months to July 2016… The plant is now producing water that is being supplied into Melbourne’s water system…”. Really? As at October 12, 2016?
Hmmm, local media reported March 20, 2017 that water first flowed then from the desal plant into Cardinia Reservoir, a far cry from fulfilled five months earlier! Who’s telling porkies?
So Aquasure, how about correcting the record? How about publishing on your website actual water volume delivered, updated say weekly, for public interest given we are the ones paying?
Stephen Cannon, on behalf of Watershed Victoria.