By Craig Edmonds of Jim’s Bait and Tackle, San Remo

IF YOU have kids who are into fishing or maybe you want to get into fishing as a family, ‘That’s The Thing About Fishing’ and the Corinella Angling Club are hosting a Kids and Family Fishing Day on the San Remo jetty on Sunday June 11 from 9.30am to 12.30pm.
The Corinella Angling Club will join us during the clinic to help and there will be a BBQ at the end.
There’s more information on our Facebook or call into the shop where we can give you all the information you will need.
This week we had some quality fishing weather again and the hangover from all the long weekends we’ve had over the last couple of months has worn off and more and more people are out fishing.
With more people out fishing, more reports are coming in and as usual, despite the quantity being down, the quality is up.
One thing that will help you enjoy your fishing over the winter is to go fishing with the right attitude.
If you go out and expect to bag out you will generally be disappointed, but if you go out with the aim of just trying to get a good feed of fish for tea, you will enjoy your day far more.
It’s not often you will bag out this time of the year, but you will get a much better quality fish which seem to taste much better.
The other thing about winter is that almost every species you can catch in the summer time, you can catch in the winter time.
One species that turns up as the water gets colder is those very annoying, good for not much, draughtboard sharks.
They seem to just sit there and chew on your bait and you don’t know they are there until you check your bait.
There isn’t a lot you can do other than check your baits often and just accept it as a side effect of this time of the year, or just simply move.
We have had several reported this week with almost every report from in the channels.
Customers that reported catches of draughtboards also reported catches of other fish in the same place, so because you are catching them doesn’t mean you won’t catch other fish to take home.
Whiting was a target fish for many that headed out in the boats this week and results were as expected, with not a lot of consistency but good quality.
Below the bridge was difficult again as the couta seem to have taken up residency down there, making it difficult to keep your hooks on the line.
Those who were lucky enough to be there when the couta had enough to eat managed some mixed quantities of whiting.
We had reports of one’s and two’s then a report of six or eight would come in, but one thing they all had in common was the size between 36cm and 42cm.
The more successful reports came from those who were drifting in Cleeland Bight rather than anchored and those also fishing both sides of the channel.
The other reports came from the top end of the bay around Maggie Shoal or around Reef Island, where anchoring was the best method, but not spending much time in the one spot and moving if you haven’t lost a bait in half an hour or so.
As is the case for most whiting fishermen, they are now also targeting calamari at the same time with a jig out behind the boat under a float.
The problem is it seems someone has stolen our calamari and they have been very hard to find for several weeks now.
I get people every week asking me what is going on with the calamari and while there is an easy answer, it has certainly changed from the last couple of years.
I did some reading of my reports for the last 10 years for this time of the year and it’s as if we have stepped back in time and the last couple have been well above average for calamari.
If you go back about five years and more, the lack of calamari reports for this time of the year is normal and they will fire up in another two months or so around mid-August to the end of August.
While we did have very few reports this week from land or boat/kayak, we did get reports.
Those persevering on the San Remo jetty managed some medium sized ones and only one customer told me they caught more than one.
The boating reports were not much different, with only a couple of reports coming in of more than a couple each, and the only thing with the boating reports was that they were better quality calamari.
The best reports I heard of this week came from the other side of the bay on the western side of French Island.

Family fishing at San Remo

A KIDS and Family Fishing Day will be held next month at San Remo Pier.
On Sunday, June 11 from 9.30am to 12.30pm, the Corinella Angling Club and not-for-profit ‘That’s The Thing About Fishing’ (TTTAF) will host a fishing clinic, with a barbecue at the end.
Kids will have the chance to learn and grow their fishing skills, as well as making mates along the way.
Three major prizes will be given away and all kids will win something just for being involved.
All ages are welcome, but kids must be accompanied by a parent, guardian or responsible adult for the event.
All those involved with TTTAF and Corinella Angling Club are experienced, recreational anglers who will ensure it’s a safe and fun event.
At the end, you can grab a snag and one drink for a gold coin donation.
Bait and fishing rods will be provided if needed.