By Craig Edmonds of Jim’s Bait and Tackle, San Remo

THE lack of fishermen again this week has meant a lack of reports, but those who did wander out both on land and boat were surprised with the quality of the fish they managed to catch.
While you will be lucky to catch your bag this time of the year, with a bit of work you will manage a good feed of fresh fish.
Whiting dominate the reports this week and not for the numbers caught, but for the quality of the fish caught.
The whiting are continuing to be very good in quality and length with very few small pencil whiting caught over the last few years.
There was no best area with customers saying they had to move around a lot to get a decent bag.
There was a lot of couta in Cleeland Bight again and at times the whiting might have been there, but it was unfishable because of the numbers of couta and pike.
Many of the reports came from the top end of the bay around Reef Island, Maggie Shoal and towards Leola Shoal.
I had a couple of reports from the Cowes area down towards McHaffies with most of these reports coming from kayak customers again.
It was reasonable weather for the offshore fishermen this week and there are still plenty of flathead out there.
The numbers are good and the size is better than average, so it’s well worth the effort of putting some time in.
The bulk of the reports came from just outside the entrance from The Cape to The Glasshouse in 30m to 40m of water, so you don’t need to travel too far.
In a little closer, there are some good silver whiting and the odd squid down deep.
There are several varieties to be had with those fishing outside also managing salmon, couta, mackerel, pinkies, gurnard, sergeant baker and leather jackets, as well as the usual wrasse and a couple of rays.
With more people fishing on the beaches now, naturally there is more reports coming in and not a lot of bigger ones, but some good numbers of smaller fish.
As usual the beaches at Kilcunda had days when the weed was too thick to fish, but those who persevered found a couple of bigger salmon.
Lure fishing was best at Kilcunda if you were prepared to do a bit of walking to find a clear spot in the weed.
Kilcunda reports came from the Powlett River to the Kilcunda Bridge with no one spot standing out more than the other.
The beaches at the island were a bit cleaner and some good numbers of smaller salmon were reported.
We also had a few reports from the beaches at the back of San Remo and around towards Bore Beach.