THEY don’t like it. In fact a significant number of people at Venus Bay want the shire to add to the stocks of open space land in the town – not reduce it.
And last week, Cr Allyson Skinner of Venus Bay handed up a petition to council signed by 891 people, an untold number of whom are Venus Bay residents or ratepayers.
Here what they have asked:
“We the undersigned residents, landowners, community group members and concerned citizens do not support the restructure and sale by Council of existing public open space and council owned land in Venus Bay.”
1. Formally undertake not to sell any of Venus Bay’s Public Open Space or Road Reserves or any other council owned land.
2. Undertake a full cultural heritage and environmental assessment of all public open spaces and council owned land in Venus Bay. This to be done in consultation with the community and in accordance with the relevant Aboriginal cultural heritage legislation. Any costs associated with these assessments to be borne by council.
3. Based on the reports and recommendations produced as a result of point two above, rezone all Public Open Spaces and council-owned reserve land to Public Park and Recreation Zone (PPRZ) or Public Conservation and Resource Zone (PCRZ). Further with regard to any council owned land zoned Business 1 (BIZ) the Venus Bay community is to be consulted in an open and transparent manner, as to its use.
4. Set an initial target of 5% public open space for Venus Bay and allocate funds from its annual budgets to acquire this land by a pre-determined date negotiated with the Venus Bay community.
5. Consult the Venus Bay Community in an open and transparent manner, regarding any proposal to redevelop the existing central business area in Jupiter Boulevard.”