A SAN Remo couple is calling for Potters Hill Road to be sealed before a tragic accident happens at the corner of Potters Hill and Shetland Heights roads.
Hoons regularly drift around the corner on the gravel road and has Jake and Erika Wright fearful of a serious accident outside their driveway.
“We’ve had near misses where my wife Erika has backed out and guys have come fanging around the corner and they’ve just stopped in time before hitting her,” Jake said.
“She’s got kids both sides of the car, so if we’re driving forwards or backing out, they come flying around the corner and could hit us.
“It’s about safety for everyone and safety for the three families around here who have all got young kids. It’s got to stop.
“When we were building, a sign out the front was knocked over, and someone ended up in the gutter and kept driving. It’s a hazard and it’s only a matter of time until someone gets hurt.”
Jake has organised a petition and has gathered signatures from all residents in the area, which has been handed over to the Bass Coast Shire Council to be discussed at the next council meeting.
He said it’s a no-brainer that the road should be sealed to stop hoons.
“It is such a public road now and we’re copping the brunt of it,” he said.
“A lot of people use the beach now that they’ve spent thousands of dollars on the stairs there. It seems a waste that they don’t seal it now.
“Buses are a big issue as well. They come flying past every day, especially when there’s public holidays and the Grand Prix and what not, the buses come past for some reason.
“When any big event’s on and the traffic’s bad, everyone uses this road for a shortcut into San Remo.”
Cr Bruce Kent, who is also a policeman at San Remo, said the area is target patrolled by police as it is a troublesome area.
“It’s a well-known area because it’s a back road and it’s where some drivers will try to drive unnoticed instead of on the main road,” he said.
“It’s one of those areas that’s an 80km zone and it’s very hard to convince VicRoads to reduce the speed.”
Cr Kent said the matter will need to be discussed at the council meeting, but an option that could be considered by residents is to pay for the sealing of the road.
He said if 70 per cent of residents agree to explore the cost of sealing the road, the sealing will be higher on the list of priorities for council.
“We’re going through that process with the Pioneer Bay estate at the moment and all residents will be provided with the costings after the consultation process to make a decision,” he said.
“If the residents can progress to getting the two roads sealed then speed reduction devices are a lot easier to use.
“For speed humps you need a hard surface and it’s got to be constructed into the road.
“Council had areas designated in the future, with proposed sealing of estates. It’s up to the public if they don’t want to wait their time.”
But Jake believes there is a ‘slush fund’ for Potters Hill Road, provided by developers from the failed golf course nearby.
“When we bought the land, we were told that the golf club developers were paying to seal the roads,” he said.
“The golf club has provided slush fund money to the council. I don’t know how much but it’s common knowledge that there’s funds the council has ready to seal it. What they’re doing with it, I don’t know.”