TRAFFIC lights are being ignored by motorists at the roadworks for the new roundabout under construction at the Korumburra-Wonthaggi Road, Glen Alvie Road, West Creek Road and Bird Road intersection at Lance Creek.
Timed traffic lights are in place while the construction of the $3.4 million roundabout is completed.
Glen Alvie residents Roberta and Matt Hull travel through the construction site about six times a day and have seen many drivers ignoring the lights.
“It happens most times we drive through, you can see they stop, look around and go,” Roberta said.
“They go as far as they can to the crossroad and just keep going if they can’t see anyone coming.
“Matt was stopped at the lights one day last week and a car went around him and kept going. It’s really bizarre.
“I try and do the right thing, because I don’t want to crash my car and I have kids in the car as well.”
The roundabout is expected to be completed by mid to late 2017.
VicRoads Eastern Region Regional Director Scott Lawrence said each of the four approaches to the new roundabout will be signalised while construction is carried out and VicRoads asks motorists to plan their journeys and obey reduced speed limits in the area.
“VicRoads asks motorists to allow for minor delays and adhere to all traffic control measures through the work zone for the safety of workers, themselves and other road users.”
Mr Lawrence said the compact roundabout being constructed has a smaller footprint and is more cost effective, while having all the safety features of a larger roundabout.
“The upgrade will reduce motorists’ speeds while also reducing the sharp angles of approach, increase drivers’ line of sight and allow for greater reaction times while providing a clearly visible roundabout that can be seen in advance for approaching motorists,” he said.
“The new roundabout will reduce the number and severity of crashes by forcing motorists to slow down and give way before proceeding.”
There have been four serious crashes at the intersection by vehicles failing to give way over a recent five-year period.
The Lance Creek intersection had previously received several safety upgrades prior to the construction of the roundabout including upgraded signs, removal of vegetation, ‘stop ahead’ road markings and some audio tactile line markings.