TINO Carnevale, gardening expert from ABC TV’s ‘Gardening Australia’, visited South Gippsland recently to speak at a Landcare workshop on ‘Lifestyle Farms’.
Lifestyle farms or hobby farms do not provide a primary income, but provide an opportunity to live in and enjoy a country environment.
As well as being a presenter on Gardening Australia, Tino is involved in the Feeding the Future Coalition and has been part of The Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Program.
“Of course people living on the land want to grow their own fruit and vegies,” Tino said during his speech at the workshop.
“It’s one of the reasons for being there! But take your time to know your land and your soil. And grow the things you love!”
Information sessions on ‘Selecting a Lifestyle Property’ and ‘Farm Layout and Fencing’ were presented by David Stewart (Agricultural Consultant, Small Farm Services Victoria).
And a session on ‘Water Management’ was presented by Benita Kelsall (Dairy Extension Officer, DEDJTR).
Following the presentations, participants were taken on guided tours of a Mirboo lifestyle farm.
Farm owners Libby Anthony and Colin Goodwin provided tours of their passive solar strawbale house.
The event was the last of a series of unique one day workshops for new and experienced farmers organised by the Mardan and Mirboo-North Landcare Group.
The topics covered were ‘Hill Farms’, ‘Small Commercial Farms’, and ‘Lifestyle Farms’, and the workshops were held on properties in the Mardan-Mirboo area.
The workshops were made possible by funding from the Commonwealth Government’s Sustainable Agriculture Small Grants Program to the Mardan and Mirboo-North Landcare Group, in partnership with the South Gippsland Landcare Network.
More than 160 farmers attended the workshops.