KORUMBURRA’S Elmores Road is not the quiet bush track it used to be.
It’s on the edge of town and it’s been opened up for lifestyle living.
Beautiful big homes and gardens feature along its length.
The only problem is the road itself.
It’s gravel road with some serious potholes.
Justin Fleming lives at the end and his ute is paying the price. Its latest injury was a cracked windscreen. Stone chips, regularly worn brake pads wheels out of alignment are common.
He’s hit a tree to avoid a collision with an oncoming car.
“My dad graded roads in New Zealand for a living and he reckons this is the worst road he has ever seen,” Justin said.
“We pay rates, and expect that it would be maintained to a higher standard,” Margaret said.
Jo Trewin and her family have been there for years.
“It’s no fun with a learner driver!” she said.
“There are a lot of kids who ride or walk along the road, and mums with prams, because there’s no path.”
According to a recent traffic study, Elmores Road is the second busiest gravel road in the South Gippsland Shire.
It’s only going to get busier with more homes under construction.
Justin said he calls the council when things get rough.
“They usually come and grade it when you ask them, but they’ve been really slack lately.
“You can see it’s not well prepared for winter. There’s no crown, hence the potholes, and it’s hard to clean the drains when there are none.”
According to a council spokesperson, they’ll get to Elmores Road in a week or two.
“The council’s Maintenance team has just started their autumn grade.
“As part of these works they reshape the pavement, cut out all the potholes and apply a minor re-sheet to areas of need.
“They also check the drains to ensure they are flowing freely and fix as required.
“They fixed potholes in the first 250 metres from the Kardella end on Friday, May 5.”
Former councillor Warren Raabe suggested residents team up and pay for the road to be sealed themselves as part of a special charge scheme.
But that didn’t get far and was not raised officially with the council.