Re: Planning Application No 160367. One of the most controversial issues that has occurred in our closely knit community in Inverloch is about to explode on us.
Michael Malone, a local businessman, has applied to Bass Coast Shire Council to operate joy flights on private land, zoned farming, at 5610 Bass Highway, Inverloch.
We, like many of our neighbours, are objecting to this as the airstrip is adjacent to the Bass Highway, close to the expanding boundaries of Inverloch, and next door to our property.
Very low flying aircraft coming and going at regular, frequent intervals, as is the nature of joy flights, will create incessant noise every day over the township of Inverloch.
It will be an intrusion into local people’s lifestyles and inhibit their entitlement to enjoy their property. All ratepayers and residents need to be alerted to this proposed application and the far reaching implications of it.
Earlier this year we spoke to the council’s Planning Department as it had been a particularly noisy weekend with many small aircraft flights flying low over our property from this airstrip.
Our concerns were many. High on the list was that the airstrip at 5610 Bass Highway would be upgraded in the near future to be an airfield for public use and high frequency of flights would become the norm. We were assured this would not be the case.
During this conversation we were not informed of the planning application which had been lodged on December 22, 2016.
We were also informed that many people had ‘phoned council with similar concerns.
The Inverloch-Wonthaggi Road is a very busy two lane highway with a gravel verge.
The runway is adjacent to the highway and presents a considerable distraction to motorists as planes fly low overhead, similar to Tooradin airport.
It is a challenge to turn right across the traffic if coming from Wonthaggi. The traffic has to pass on either side as you wait in the middle the road for a gap.
You can be stuck with vehicles passing at 100km/h on either side of you, some larger vehicles may have to venture into the gravel verge.
This positioning is frightening if you have a truck or bus coming from behind and one coming towards you – which is no longer an unusual occurrence.
Council must reject this application.
Ross and Sarah Spencer-Smith, Inverloch.