Mr Tamlin and his crew have had a nice pay rise, services have been reduced, our garbage collection is to be reduced, tip fees are a shocker, no wonder rubbish is dumped on roadsides, etc.
I have worked in a government job for many years. I have not had a pay-rise for five years and most people I deal with are the same.
Our farmers have had a down turn in South Gippsland Shire, so why have shire staff had a pay rise, when services have been reduced?
Our rates are up, power, phones, insurances, doctors, vets – name it and it is up with less services.
Mr Tamlin does not live in our shire, so has no personal interest in the community except to milk them dry.
Now he and his staff have thought up another way to harass and fleece our country people by snooping around septic toilets – 3698 letters gone out at a $1 a stamp plus staff time processing them – what a rip off again.
It would be better to clean up our roadside fire hazards. Farmers are not allowed to remove a down or dead tree, there’s no grazing the roadside so blackberries, ragwort, ivy etc take over.
Police have to have a search warrant, so why can shire staff snoop anywhere they want? Do they have a police check? I most certainly do not want any council staff on my property unless I am there.
John Stanton, Korumburra.