THE end of the pennant golf season in South Gippsland last Sunday was a complete and utter shambles.
Well, almost. Division Three at least went down to the wire.
Wonthaggi finished on top of the ladder in Division One and therefore claimed its third premiership in-a-row, but they already had the trophy parcelled up a week before they beat Meeniyan 5-2 at Wonthaggi in Sunday’s final round.
Which was actually the rescheduled fourth round.
And there’s your problem right there.
No one, it seems, apart from some mystery members of the South Gippsland District Golf Association, wanted to reschedule the fourth round and do away with the popular grand final day.
Long-serving SGDGA Secretary Denis Stanes was vehemently against it.
“Fair enough, they called off the fourth round because of the threat of lightning at some courses but they should have scrapped the round completely and given everyone half points like they do in bowls.”
Winning Wonthaggi Division One Captain, Danny Crellin, would have preferred to play a final.
“Everyone loves finals day. It’s a real showpiece for the sport locally and there’s always some drama on the day. We love it.”
Someone doesn’t love it though, and the competition fizzed out into a final round where there wasn’t much to play for in most divisions.
While Division One was already decided, there was at least a mathematical possibility of Korumburra challenging ladder leaders Leongatha in Division Two.
The equation was that Leongatha couldn’t win by more than 4-3, and Korumburra had to win 6-1, then hope for a better percentage. They won their match against Phillip Island at Wonthaggi 5-2.
One of those losing matches, between Shane Harland and Paul Russo, was close over the final stages with Russo 1-up after the 17th but he closed out the match 2-up when he won the 18th hole. But it was close.
Leongatha claimed the Division Two title and will have to field a team in Division One next year under the relegation rules which see Woorayl drop to Division Two.
Foster narrowly won the Division Three pennant in what was effectively (thankfully) a real final between the top two teams, crucially decided 4-3 in Foster’s favour on the day.
Lang Lang smashed the opposition in Division Four, narrowly held off Leongatha in Division Five and Korumburra only had to win one match against Phillip Island in Division Six. They won 4-3 to easily take the title.

SGDGA Pennant Results May 7, 2017:
• Division 1 (At Wonthaggi Golf Club): Lang Lang 5 Def Woorayl 2, Wonthaggi 5 Def Meeniyan 2. Ladder: Wonthaggi 5 – 25 (51.79%), Lang Lang 3 – 22 (48.80%), Meeniyan 2 – 22 (50.58%), Woorayl 2 – 15 (48.80%). Division 1 Pennant winners Wonthaggi Golf Club.
• Division 2 (At Wonthaggi Golf Club): Leongatha 4 Def Foster 3, Korumburra 5 Def Phillip Island 2. Ladder: Leongatha 5 – 25 (54.05%), Korumburra 5 – 24 (51.70%), Foster 1 – 19 (46.34%), Phillip Island 1 – 16 (47.82%). Division 2 Pennant winners – Leongatha Golf Club.
• Division 3 (At Leongatha Golf Club): Foster 4 Def Woorayl 3, Leongatha 6 Def Meeniyan 1. Ladder: Foster 4 – 22 (49.06%), Woorayl 4 – 21 (51.07%), Meeniyan 2 – 21 (50.57%), Leongatha 2 – 20 (49.25%). Division 3 Pennant winners – Foster Golf Club.
• Division 4 (At Leongatha Golf Club): Phillip Island 4 Def Korumburra 3, Lang Lang 5 Def Wonthaggi 2. Ladder: Lang Lang 5 – 26 (52.89%), Korumburra 3 – 23 (51.82%), Wonthaggi 2 – 22 (53.38%), Phillip Island 2 – 13 (41.29%). Division 4 Pennant winners – Lang Lang Golf Club.
• Division 5 (At Phillip Island Golf Club): Lang Lang 4 Def Welshpool 3, Leongatha 4 Def Wonthaggi 3. Ladder: Lang Lang 5 – 23 (53.43%), Leongatha 4 – 25 (48.96%), Welshpool 3 – 19 (49.35%), Wonthaggi 0 – 17 (48.43%). Division 5 Pennant winners – Lang Lang Golf Club.
• Division 6 (At Phillip Island Golf Club): Woorayl 5 Def Aussie Golf 2, Korumburra 4 Def Phillip Island 3. Ladder: Korumburra 5 – 31 (56.17%), Woorayl 4 – 22 (50.93%), Phillip Island 3 – 23 (51.49%), Aussie Golf 0 – 8 (41.22%). Division 6 Pennant winners – Korumburra Golf Club.

Foster Golf Club’s Division 3 Pennant Team beat Woorayl Golf Club 4-3 in the final match of the season to take the 2017 premiership. It has been 13 years since Foster’s last win. Foster’s captain Andrew Naylor thanked Woorayl for a very close match and congratulated all the players associated with the win. They are Trent Price (emg) Graeme Watkins, Ray Prain, Paul Spencer, Stu Canning, Stephen Reid, Norm Cooper, Robin Smith (emg) and Andrew Naylor (Captain).