YOU’RE damned if you do and damned if you don’t.
Cutting the maximum speed on country roads is seen by the Acting Deputy Commissioner of Police in Victoria, Doug Fryer, as a way to have an instant impact on road deaths and serious injury.
He might be right but paying the price will be the careful, law-abiding road users who actually do drive to the conditions.
Mr Fryer was speaking after a horror run of 12 deaths in 13 days on country roads between the Easter weekend and Anzac Day.
“It is country people who are dying on country roads,” Mr Fryer said.
“There should not be an unsealed road with a speed limit of over 80kmh,” he said.
“If we did that we would reduce the amount of trauma straight away.”
Mr Fryer said the road deaths were “unacceptable and horribly sad”.
In one incident locally, a motorcyclist was killed in a collision with a minibus on French Island on Sunday, April 23.
The 27-year-old French Island man, died at the scene.
The driver of the minibus, and three other passengers, were not injured in the crash.
Police believe the motorcycle was travelling east along Tankerton Road on a left-hand bend when it collided with the minibus travelling in the opposition direction.