THE main street in Korumburra is in desperate need of repairs, with the Korumburra Business Association (KBA) urging the South Gippsland Shire Council to bring forward a plan to give the street a facelift and make it safer.
KBA president Noelene Cosson, alongside many other residents and business owners in Korumburra, said the street and footpaths are unsafe.
“It’s well known that our main street doesn’t function all that well.
“There are often near misses with traffic going from two lanes into one.
“Some people are less patient than they should be,” Ms Cosson said.
The council has set aside around $179,000 in its 2017/18 draft budget for further planning, but ultimately the street won’t be touched until 2020/21.
“The shire’s not looking for funding until that financial year (2020/21), put it that way.
“I’ve noticed there are things in the budget that we feel aren’t as important and we feel that towns, and not just Korumburra, need a bit of a facelift.”
KBA secretary Shirley Arestia said some residents even go as far as to avoid areas in Korumburra because of cracked or crooked footpaths.
The upgrade would see the main street in Korumburra more user-friendly, Ms Cosson said.
“The plan is to have just one lane and I think that is a much better idea because it promotes traffic calming.
“Then once you’ve entered the main street, it’s not like people will be trying to rush to get past each other to get into that one lane at the top.”
The council estimates the works will cost around $3.39 million, which are scheduled to commence in 2020/21.
In response to the draft budget, the KBA wrote to council asking to bring the works forward to 2019/20.
“We believe there is room to bring this project forward at least 12 months to 2019/20 financial year after the detailed design and costing is completed in 2017/18,” Ms Cosson said.
“We realise that this project will reply on significant government funding, but bringing it forward will at least mean it is ready to go if a funding opportunity becomes available.”
Ms Cosson said communication with council has been fine and “it’s just a matter of whether they do it or not”.
“If no-one’s going to say anything, then definitely nothing’s going to change, so there’s no harm in highlighting a few points.”
The council’s director Sustainable Communities and Infrastructure, Anthony Seabrook, said the detailed design is expected to be completed in 2017/18.
“Council may bring the project forward if we can get grant money but it currently sits in the Long Term Financial Plan in 2020/21.”