Cr Fullarton appears to have spoken to everyone about making roads (in Sunset Strip) except the majority in Sunset Strip who don’t want and can’t afford a Special Charge Scheme.
Property owners I’ve spoken to in West Cowes are still reeling from having to fork out the monies they were saving for their planned home renovations to fulfil the council’s dreams!
If this roads proposal has been in the pipe works for more than 30 years, you would think the council could have saved something of the millions Sunset Strip property owners have paid in rates, as in return all we have had is our roads graded a couple of times a year.
Certainly there have been no rates spent on maintaining our drains, some sporting fully grown tea tree.
I believe Kimberly Brown, who was the last councillor representing Sunset Strip, flipped her vote last year to halt the road and drainage scheme in an attempt to win favour as the election approached.
This seems to indicate that she could see that the majority of people do not want this Special Charge Scheme.
Cr Fullarton, don’t let your vision blind you to the truth. Have a look at the results of the last questionnaire sent to property owners in Sunset Strip, where only 28 out of 344 property owners want the option the council has adopted.
It’s time to start representing the majority as you were elected to do. Please don’t dictate what you think is best for us. We are all grown-ups here!
Colleen McGrath, Sunset Strip.