It is my understanding that for access to a property, be it by air or ground, a person can construct suitable private access to that property ie: an airstrip.
It appears that Michael and Chris Malone wish to allow community access to their asset at 5610 Bass Highway, Inverloch.
I believe this is a simply marvellous idea in a great location. It is a very safe airstrip.
The location is suitably well away from both towns while being a terrific resource for the area.
Local communities will have immediate highway access to a wonderful asset.
There is no cost to the community for this innovative idea.
With access directly off a long straight piece of highway, Wonthaggi and Inverloch will have air transport close to their doorstep.
This means visitors and locals will have access to a stunning coastline that only aircraft can provide as well as the inspiration that flying gives to young and old.
My profession is agricultural flying within the Gippsland area.
I hear a lot of the traffic on my aircraft radio.
Inverloch township is very much an on route navigation point for many flights of light aircraft, I suspect for sight-seeing as much as training.
I would forecast not such an increase in air traffic at Inverloch as seems feared. It can only serve to bring more prosperity to the region.
Environmental impact on the ground is very minimal from aircraft.
My experience with animals and livestock is that they soon get used to aircraft noise.
I have had many horse owner’s approval, siting the fact that while competing with their horse, and when the unexpected has happened, aircraft or not, they have a more composed animal to manage.
Local farmers benefit from easier access to agricultural aircraft from local airstrips.
It provides a more efficient service to their needs.
Pea farmers have utilised aircraft in locations within 5km of this airstrip on a continual basis, during their growing season, for over 20 years.
A local airstrip allows the aircraft to act within the vital short windows of appropriate weather conditions.
Having a local airstrip will ensure the possibility of crucial protection of crops and pastures efficiently.
Local airstrips are not used for cleaning and decontaminating agricultural aircraft.
This procedure is conducted with the proper facilities at the main base at Leongatha Airstrip.
This airstrip can also be used at any time of crisis by the emergency services for the fact that it is a purpose built airstrip.
Inverloch and Wonthaggi’s economies are funded from tourism and agriculture.
It is vital the community and local government support these industries.
Those fortunate enough to live within the rural agricultural communities do realise that it is an industrial area but a few seem to have to be reminded of that fact.
Michael and Chris have consulted with immediate neighbours before establishing this airfield, and should be supported for this initiative.
Joe McDonald, Super Planes P/L, Leongatha.