There was huge interest this weekend in the launch of this ground-breaking 10-star energy rated home built by Inverloch’s Dave Martin.

Interest in The Cape is reaching its critical mass with hundreds of people through and more sales on a big holiday weekend.

MORE than 500 people travelled from across Bass Coast, Melbourne and further afield to The Cape eco village at Cape Paterson for the official launch of Victoria’s first 10-star home and Stage 2 of the estate.
The whole day was an outstanding success on Sunday, June 10 with huge interest in the state significant project.
The Cape builders and designers were run off their feet with the crowd, with TS Constructions, The Sociable Weaver, Adapt Design, Martin Builder and Beaumont Concepts opening up five homes to the public.
Gippsland Solar and NewGen Solar and Heat Pumps provided three long range Tesla all electric vehicles which were very popular taking visitors for joy rides along the Bunurong coast all day.
Project Director Brendan Condon was delighted.
“The day was an outstanding success, with close to 40 per cent of Stage 2 now sold before we break ground,” said Brendan.
“There are still around 10 premium lots, with ocean views towards Wilsons Promontory available, surrounded by parkland and open space.
“Our builders are delivering some of the highest quality sustainable passive solar homes in Australia, with annual operating costs less than one tenth of those of conventional homes, which is raising interest from around the state.
“Visitors were constantly surprised to walk into beautiful warm homes on a brisk winter day, to find the homes were naturally warm, without needing to turn on the energy efficient heating systems we have installed in the homes.
“There was particular interest on the townhouse lots which we have priced starting at $150,000, allowing a more affordable price point for many who are attracted to living at The Cape on tighter budgets.
“Hats off to The Sociable Weaver with their 10-star home, a residence that heats and cools naturally with zero bills, a first for Victoria in achieving the 10-star Nathers rating, which was a source of great interest.
“The walking and cycling paths to the coast had large foot traffic and it was great to see lots of youngsters enjoying the day and learning about the future of housing.
“The Sociable Weaver’s 10-star home and other 8-star plus homes are open for inspection every weekend Saturdays and Sundays 12 noon to 4pm from now on. People are free to register interest in the project at