CHARLIE Cook from Dalyston has high hopes to reach the Olympics in clay target shooting.
A sports legend in the making, the 15-year-old has come a long way after only practising the sport for 18 months.
He started with Trap Shooting and moved onto Skeet Shooting, which earned him first place in the 2017 Victoria Skeet Doubles Championship C Grade.
He went on to compete in the national Australian Clay Target Association skeet titles in Wagga Wagga and won a gold medal in Commonwealth Skeet Championship sub-junior.
He says despite the seven-hour trip to Wagga Wagga, it was worth it.
Charlie’s also keen to represent Australia in clay target shooting.
“I never thought I’d get this far in a year,” he said.
“I only started out about two years ago just shooting around the farm and no-one can believe, I can’t believe, how I’ve done it.
“It’s been really good, I’ve learnt a lot and made a lot of new friends.”
Charlie says he is very grateful for the support he’s received from his coaches and parents.
“I’m surrounded by a great bunch of people and it’s what I do best at the moment.
“I also play football, but shooting comes first.
“It pushes your mind, but it’s something I really love doing.”