For 12 months now, due to unforeseen circumstances, I have been searching for employment. Being out of work; not earning an income, feeling inadequate at times, knowing you’re not contributing to society etc. is difficult.
It is also a challenge keeping your resilience in check, particularly when: 1/ your job application is not acknowledged, and 2/ your application is acknowledged but you receive the generic letter “Thank you so much for taking the time to apply for the position of… unfortunately on this occasion your application has been unsuccessful” without being given the opportunity to attend an interview.
However, it’s very easy to lose any trust you may have with prospective employers that leave you hanging after you have attended an interview with the promise they will “be in touch either way” and two months later you are still waiting to hear from them.
So, this is a message to anyone searching to employ new staff – please put yourself in our shoes and have some empathy by respecting those of us honestly searching for work; a little consideration goes very long way.
Kerry Hill, Foster.