THE rollout of the multi-billion dollar National Broadband Network (NBN) has been plagued with issues. Amongst the issues are customers reporting regular outages and delays in having access to the network.
But for houses built in the past five to 10 years, there’s a new issue emerging.
Mobile phones have almost entirely replaced landline phones, but most NBN customers need a landline for it to work, unless they can access NBN Satellite.
This leaves many homeowners who are after access to the NBN with no choice but to get someone out to dig up the garden so they can lay a phone line.
Ian Lyons goes to properties in Wonthaggi, Phillip Island and Korumburra and surrounds to dig up those gardens and give people the opportunity to get NBN.
“There’s a lot of information given out to people and a lot of people go to Google,” he said.
“If you have an existing phone line, then as a general rule you won’t have any issues.
“People think they don’t need a phone line because they have their mobiles, but to have the NBN you need a phone line.”
NBN satellite is only available to residents in remote areas, often outside of townships.
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