THERE was a guy walking along the Bass Highway, between Wonthaggi and Inverloch last Friday with a big pack on his back.
You might have seen him.
He was going to stay the night at Venus Bay.
His name is YuCheng Liu, visiting Australia from Taiwan.
And he’s walking from Melbourne to Sydney by the scenic coastal route.
Why? It’s a question you’ve got to ask.
And to give him his due, in good but broken English, YuCheng was able to explain why.
“I walk from Melbourne to Sydney, reasons I have three points,” YuCheng told the Sentinel-Times.
“(1.) let more people know Australia and Australians so beautiful.
“(2.) let people see me, that I have different feeling on that day, some people feel interesting, some people feel impossible, some people not sure.
“(3.) let other people feel anything is possible if we want, hope I can encourage other people to have dreams.
“Thank you very much. Hope you can visit Taiwan.”
YuCheng has almost 5000 followers on Facebook, and building fast back in Taiwan, as his travel notes and photos continue to be posted.
He took a photo of the Sentinel-Times’ reporter to post, which is why he is taking the coastal route, “…to get nice photos”.
“I can’t go all the way around the coast because maybe the road doesn’t go there and this evening, have big rain coming from west south, so I don’t go to visit Bunurong Marine National Park.”
Building up a social media presence has its advantages.
Maybe he’s got it right and the rest of us are crazy.