PENSIONERS on a farm in Bena have had their car stolen, while they were at home, by gutless thieves.
Charles Blogg and his wife Joan had a very nauseating start to the week when they had their 2007 Silver Holden Berlina stolen from their garage. The couple woke up at around 7.30am on Monday, May 29.
“I was about to have a shower, and I have a bad foot, so my wife helped me put a plastic bag on it and then I had my shower,” Charles said.
Joan was in the kitchen on the cold morning when she heard a noise and looked out the kitchen window to see dust and their Berlina disappearing out of their driveway, following another car.
“That’s when we knew that these devils had come in here and stolen our car.
“We love the damn thing,” Charles said.
To make matters worse, in the boot was a collection of CDs, a “beautiful collection we collected over 12 months”, Charles said.
While the CDs didn’t break the bank, they held sentimental value.
The thieves were originally casing a neighbour’s property, Charles said, until the property owner confronted them and the thieves drove off and headed to the Bloggs’ property.
“I’ve seen strange acting cars down this road, it’s a dead-end road and there are two houses after us and they wander down, stop and look around,” he said.
If there’s anything positive to come out of the incident, it’s that people should keep an eye out for suspicious activity and make sure vehicles are locked and keys are stored away securely.
But Charles said, “It’ll last a fortnight and then they’ll say ‘Bugger it’ and go back to the way things were.”
It cost the couple around $22,000 for the Berlina five years ago, which has the custom number plate BLOGG1.
“It’s insured for $6500, but that’s not the point.
“You spend your life doing the right thing by people and then you get these bastards.
“They go and pinch anything that anyone leaves around.”
Before Charles and Joan had the chance to tell their neighbours their car had been stolen, a mate called Charles and asked why he had “tore past” his house.
One resident saw his car while they were driving and only when they got home told the couple.
Another resident saw the Bloggs’ car tailgating a car down their road.
“Our time has gone where we were up at all hours of the morning milking cows and we are now retired and we expect to be able take our time and live comfortably,” Charles said.
Police are still on the hunt for the stolen vehicle and urge anyone who sees the 2007 Silver Holden Berlina to call triple zero.