THE Inverloch Historical Society’s 21st anniversary exhibition was officially opened at the Inverloch Community Hub on Friday afternoon.
Patron of the society, Eulalie Brewster, who has been a part of the group since its formation in 1996, spoke of her enjoyment collecting remnants of Inverloch’s history over the years.
“I was able to meet some of the early inhabitants of Inverloch, notably the late Cal Wyeth who had been brought here as a baby at seven months old because they thought the Melbourne environment was not suitable for a sickly child,” she said.
“Cal managed to live to over 85 so Inverloch was very good for him and he was able to tell me all sorts of things about Inverloch from 1900 on and I found over the years that all his facts were verified by texts that I later found.
“Bill Young, the crayfish man told me things from 1926 on and there was also Clive Newton. They were three people who lived in Inverloch for a considerable time, plus they directed me to other people in the town and it was great going around and meeting people.
“People were very receptive and very keen to get their stories of Inverloch out there and they lent us photographs and gave us postcards.
“We went on collecting things over the years and enjoying Inverloch; people would drop all sorts of fascinating things at my place, I’d go home and wonder what the new parcel was.
“They once offered me the honour of being the patron, which I’ve thoroughly enjoyed because it’s wonderful to work with all these people and of course, being a patron, you don’t always have to do all the work!
“The committee has been very busy and we’re thankful for the grant we received so that this display could be staged.”
Bass Coast Mayor Cr Pam Rothfield paid tribute to the society’s contribution to the community.
“It is such an important job that all these people play within these societies in protecting and preserving the historical records and interpreting the past for our future generations,” she said.
“A permanent home for the Inverloch Historical Society is something that we’ll definitely be looking for – it’s absolutely on our agenda.”
Keep a look out for the book ‘Inverloch – a place of great beauty, today and yesterday’, which has been published to celebrate the anniversary and will be available soon from the Inverloch information centre, Inverloch Newsagency and Inverloch Post Office.