Residents and ratepayers of Inverloch are beginning to realise that the proposal to allow joy flights from 5610 Bass Highway, Inverloch, will certainly encroach on their lifestyles.
I am surprised at the support I am getting from them, particularly over the noise issue.
If approval for joy flights is given, it is open slather for the operators to allow Cessna light planes and the like access to the facility.
And we all know how noisy they are with vapour from the aviation gasoline pouring out from their open exhausts.
This will affect our property, which is less than a kilometre from the airstrip. And this will certainly affect all households in Inverloch… coupled with the incredible noise factor.
Records show most light aircraft crashes occur when either taking off or landing.
I would also like to use the Essendon Airport argument. Essendon Airport was established before the protesters began their campaigns.
These residents accepted the airport and still moved in, in spite of the hazards they later encountered. In our case we were here first and are raising our objections in advance.
I feel like Darryl Kerrigan in the 1997 Australian film The Castle, where an ordinary man, played by Michael Caton, has his whole way of life threatened, when developers attempt the compulsory acquisition of their house to expand the neighbouring airport.
We bought our four hectares 14 years ago for its tranquil lifestyle and comfort, hoping to stay here for the rest of our lives.
Now with this proposal seeking to allow joy flights from an airstrip less than a kilometre away, it is now jeopardized.
We feel powerless against the authorities… officialdom, bureaucracy and rich proponents.
If you wish to oppose this application for joy flights, which will affect your lifestyle, I urge you to write to your local paper or complain to your local councillor at Bass Coast Shire Council in Wonthaggi.
Names and addresses of objectors to the council will not be disclosed.
Finally, we were not notified of the proposal by the authorities until the deadline was reached and only then by an observant neighbour.
I was told by the authorities that only residents living 500 metres from the airstrip were notified. I feel horribly let down.
Ross Smith, Inverloch.