AS WELL as hearing from the developers of a $13 million supermarket (including land purchases) at the South Gippsland Shire Council’s public presentation session this Wednesday, June 21 at 1.30pm, the shire will also consider adopting a community engagement plan at its June 28 council meeting.

Here’s Item 3.1 from the meeting agenda:

3.1. Korumburra Supermarket Development – Engagement Plan for adoption.

Executive Summary: Council has been approached by a supermarket development company that seeks to develop a full line supermarket at the corner of King Street and Commercial Street Korumburra (existing library site). This is the preferred site identified in the Council – adopted Korumburra Town Centre Framework Plan (2013). If supported, this proposal would result in a significant investment into Korumburra, create additional employment opportunities and provide renewed community facilities that better address contemporary public needs. This development proposal presents a number of key considerations and challenges. The development site includes a mix of public and private land and realisation of the project would require the relocation of library services and community groups. To ensure that the project is appropriately considered an engagement plan (Attachment [3.1.1] – see link below) has been prepared. This plan provides a commitment to community engagement, identifies key processes and required decisions and provides the community with an opportunity to shape the project outcomes.

Council is likely to vote on the following recommendation at its meeting on Wednesday, June 28: That Council endorse the Korumburra Supermarket Development Engagement Plan.



Shire media release

Supermarket development for Korumburra

South Gippsland Shire Council is expecting to receive a planning application within the next fortnight from supermarket developers interested in the Korumburra library site.

The proposal is a rare opportunity to locate a new larger, full-line supermarket in the main street as identified through the Korumburra Town Centre Framework Plan that was generally supported by the community as part of previous community consultation.

This proposal is expected to involve:

* The proposed sale of Council land at 155-165 Commercial Street, 1 King Street, Lot 2 PS316156 and 28 Victoria Street;

* The relocation of the library and other affected community groups; and

* Changes to vehicle access along Little Commercial Street. The proposal also provides the opportunity for a new library in Korumburra.

This library could be incorporated into a new community hub at the preferred community hub site (former kindergarten site, 4 Victoria Street) or an alternative site subject to community consultation.

Council will call for public submissions as part of the supermarket’s planning permit process and the proposed Council land sales, which are subject to a section 223 consultation process, to facilitate the development. Discussions have been held with each of the community groups to discuss the impacts on their activities and arrange relocation in the case of the development going ahead.

South Gippsland Shire Mayor Councillor Ray Argento was pleased to hear of the development and anticipates further briefings on the proposal.

“This proposal has been a long time coming for the Korumburra community and we expect the potential development to be exciting news for local residents. “Council looks forward to working with both the developer and the community in order to achieve an outcome that will benefit everyone and ensure the prosperity of the region,” said the Mayor.

For more information on the proposal including preliminary plans for the site and future community hub please visit


Media statement by Michael’s Supa IGA

New Michaels Supa IGA store – Biggest investment in Korumburra for decades

Michaels Supa IGA supermarket has announced it will invest more than $13 million for construction and property costs to build a new 3,500sqm supermarket at the corner of King Street and the South Gippsland Highway, Korumburra. The development demonstrates great support of the local community and springs from the provisions for South Gippsland Shire Council strategic plans.

The new Michaels Supa IGA supermarket will deliver a larger grocery and fresh food offering than is currently available at its existing store of 1650sqm in South Railway Crescent, Korumburra. At nearly double the size of the existing supermarket the new development will offer the largest range of any supermarket in the region.

Michaels Supa IGA will submit formal plans for a permit to build the supermarket and accompanying 130 car parks to Council today.

The investment will be the biggest retail commitment to Korumburra for decades and follows the $3,000,000 investment the company made to its present supermarket site in 1995.

“This is a continuing long-term commitment by Michaels Supa IGA to the Korumburra community in line with its expectations and those of the Council under its strategic plan for the growth of the town and region,” said store owner, Mr Michael Lorenz.

Mr Lorenz continued, “I was led to believe that other supermarket brands were not interested in Korumburra and that financially they “could not make it work”.

We understand their concerns, because purely from a profitability perspective it is difficult to make the financials “stack up” in the immediate future.

“However, I am not all about profit. In 1995 I took a big financial gamble to purchase the Korumburra and Leongatha supermarkets and the towns got behind what we were trying to do with the resurrection of both businesses. We thank them for their support.

“So I have decided to move forward with this development regardless of what the “numbers” say, because it is the right thing to do for the future of the town.

“Michaels has been in Korumburra and Leongatha since September 1995, and has donated just under $l.5million back into the community through the Customer and Community rewards program. This will continue and can be expected to rise at an even higher rate emanating, as it will, from a larger store in the future.

“Today, Michaels Supa IGA is the biggest commercial employer in Korumburra,” he said.

“And we are creating an extra 20 full time equivalent jobs with the new supermarket. We will increase our employee numbers up from our current staffing level by 25%. In addition, there will be more than 100 jobs created in the construction phase of the development. This is great news for the future offamilies in Korumburra and surrounds,” Mr Lorenz said.


Carlton comes to Korumburra

In a “Carlton comes to Korumburra” style, this state of the art new supermarket will feature not only the full line of grocery items, but these will be complemented by a range of speciality departments such as a shopper may find in Lygon Street Carlton. These include an in-house bakery (breads baked on premises), meat department – which will include a meat servery area for customers to interact with the local butchers- (in a traditional style butcher shop format) with ageing rooms for beef, fresh produce department including fresh cut fruit and juicing area “made in house”, Continental deli and fresh fish department, a Sushi Bar and cafe area for lattes and more.

A complete liquor department will offer a wide range of beer, Ciders, wines and liquor, to complement the Food offer.

In keeping with contemporary developments that plan for the carbon challenged future, the supermarket will be a green building and operation as well.

Featured amongst these aspects are the building’s C02 refrigeration to run the plant room, heat reclamation system, solar panels on the roof of the supermarket and substantial water tanks-for rain capture to do its part to save water for the region and to stem the rise of its carbon foot print while realising any energy expenditure minimisation.

The new development meets the planning needs of Korumburra: seven years in the making.

In 2010, the Victorian State Government’s Priority Development Panel identified that the Korumburra CBD would benefit from a full line supermarket. In co-ordination with that policy, Council called for expressions of interest to develop that supermarket in 2012.

The new Korumburra Town Centre Framework (2013) then noted that the preferred site for the supermarket was at the north-west end of Commercial Street, and its need was established by an independent economic expert, also in 2013, which set out the benefits of using this site for the trade area residents and to also create a distinctive and attractive gateway to Korumburra itself.

The Framework plan was adopted by Council in 2014 as was the rezoning of the Council’s land to facilitate the development.

In 2016 the Korumburra Town Centre Streetscape Master Plan was prepared and adopted by Council and the initiative by Michaels Supa IGA integrates with the civic strategies and boost for the town centre.

The application of planning permission by Michaels Supa IGA, today, marks another step along this carefully considered pathway to revitalising Korumburra’s business centre and providing retail services to its residents.