Regarding the proposed Phillip Island Nature Parks office in Cowes:
How can this be? Previous experience has always been that shire budget is so tight that it can’t afford to do anything unless it can get a grant.
To be able to compete for any grant, they will be compared with other applicants and plans, needing to include a copy of their long term plan for whichever kind of project in whichever location.
Of course, plans are updated, periodically, which means they wait in a queue, with grant applications a waste of time if current plan is out of date.
Despite the loss of last piece of green space in Cowes, how can this office be taken seriously on the basis, not of the building itself, but car parking?
It’s claimed the office would contain 70 people. Some might walk or cycle, on exercise promotion days. Others might car share.
But all things being equal, let’s say, as the council says for any commercial application by others, that they need to provide parking for 70 cars.
Having spent so much money on world class consultants for Cowes Development Plan, surely they can’t be thinking of allowing Nature Parks’ people to use parking in the Transport Hub?
Or is this the trigger to finally go ahead with park-and-ride, with shuttle bus connection to/from wherever they buy car park rights, at footy oval, RSL or wherever?
Bernie McComb, Phillip Island.