A DANGEROUS stretch of road on the outskirts of Wonthaggi which has caused numerous cycling accidents has come under fire from local cyclists.
The 300m to 400m stretch of road has seen at least five cyclist accidents in the past 12 months, with large cracks in the road proving hazardous and patch-up jobs causing an incredibly slippery surface.
The Inverloch Crewzers cycling group rides along the road four times a week, with one highly experienced cyclist crashing his bike due to the poor state of the road, breaking his collarbone and leg.
With the cracks and slippery surfaces on the edge of the road, there’s nowhere to escape for cyclists.
Keen cyclist Rod McGregor said the road needs a proper reseal or reconstruction.
“There are long cracks that run along the road and they seal them with bitumen but it’s very slippery,” he said.
“Back in the old days they’d put grit or coarse sand which gives a bit of roughness and grip.
“If you’re on a bike with narrow tyres and high pressure, if it’s wet, it only takes one error and you’re over.
“If you make slightest movement of your wheel that’s not dead straight you can go over.”
The Inverloch Crewzers ride together along a 40km route and this particular stretch of road is easily the most hazardous.
A lady was lucky to escape with serious bruising when she crashed on the road recently.