BRAZEN thieves have stolen the keys of a Korumburra car one night and returned the next night to steal the car!

Korumburra Police were alerted to the theft of the keys on Wednesday, May 31 and drove past the Queen Street property on several occasions only to hear from the hapless owners that the thieves had returned on Thursday night, June 1 and completed the two-stage process.

“It’s pretty brazen when someone is going to take the keys one night and return the next night and take the car,” said Senior Constable Brett Guy.

“It appears to be related to people wanting to get from A to B rather than any major car theft crime but Bass Coast CIU has been made aware of it and we are continuing our investigations.”

On another occasion, four days earlier, thieves stole a car from a shed on a rural property at Bena, around breakfast time while the elderly couple who owned the car were attending to domestic duties.

Victim of the car theft, Charlie Blogg, said the car, with his personal number plates on it, was stolen at around 7.30am last Monday while his wife, Joan, was preparing a dressing for his injured leg.

He said it came as quite a shock to hear the car being driven away, at a fast speed, with another car behind it, while they were sitting inside.

Despite the theft being carried out while the Bloggs were close by in their house, S/C Guy said he didn’t believe it constituted an “aggravated” theft.

S/C Guy said number plates had also been stolen from another residential location in the past few days and there have been private reports of diesel being taken from a car at rural property near Korumburra.

Police have issued a warning not to leave keys in your car, either in town or on the farm.