NISSAN has made a number of updates to its popular Navara model range this year and the feedback from customers at Edneys in Leongatha could not be more favourable.
With more than 80 years’ experience designing, developing and building vehicles in this important light-commercial category, it’s not surprising to hear these comments about Navara given Nissan’s reputation for building strong and dependable utes synonymous with endurance and capability in the Australian setting.
And for 2017 it has made a number of enhancements to its Australian Navara range.
Since its arrival in Australian showrooms, the Navara has been praised for many of its characteristics, including its class-leading fuel efficiency, the performance and responsiveness from its 2.3-litre twin-turbo diesel engine, its comfortable and functional interior, and its real-world capabilities for work and leisure.
Together, its mix of design, performance, ride comfort and technology has made it the choice of more than 27,000 Australian customers since 2015.
“The Navara Series 2 offers an even better mix of the features for local one-tonne ute buyers,” said Darryl McGannon, dealer principal at Edneys in Leongatha.
The following product changes have been applied to the Australian Nissan Navara range, resulting in the Navara Series 2:
• Enhanced suspension tuning on Navara model variants fitted with 5-link coil-spring rear suspension
• Revised front shock absorbers
• Revised rear shock absorbers
• Revised rear rebound dampers
• Result: more refined ride and handling with improved lateral stability, especially when carrying a load in the cargo area or towing

ST-X model:
• Sunroof is now optional, not standard equipment
• ST model
• Satellite navigation is now standard equipment

SL model:
• New work-horse model for the Australian Navara range
• Uses the 5-link coil-spring rear suspension
• SL grade sits below the ST grade but above the RX grade
• Has the features of the Navara RX but with the addition of:
• 140kW / 450Nm twin-turbo diesel engine
• Wide body and wide steel wheels with 225/70R16 7J tyres
• Rear-view camera
• LED headlamps and daytime running lights
• Interior vinyl floor

RX model
• Dual Cab RX Cab Chassis is now available in both automatic and manual transmissions
• Vinyl flooring replaces carpet
• Deletion of rear fold-out cup holders in dual-cab model variants
• Deletion of NP300 model naming; no longer “NP300 Navara”, now “Navara”
Check out the new Nissan Navara SL dual cab at Edneys now, featuring the following:
• Engine: 2.3d twin-turbo
• Output: 140kW/450Nm
• Gearbox: 6 sp manual (7-sp auto opt)
• Payload: 987kg (982kg)
• Towing: 3500kg
• Fuel consumption

Edneys of Leongatha LMCT 1500.