KORUMBURRA City headed to Wonthaggi United for what was a display of heavy duty football.
Korumburra was missing some key players so reserve player Jamie McNeill stepped up and played a fantastic physical game, throwing everything he could at the ball, impressive to watch.
Wonthaggi found the net at the six minute mark then City’s Liam Cull equalised shortly after, and at half time it was 1-1.
United found the net again but was followed by Bowie Crook slotting the equaliser for City.
The wind dropped and the sky unleashed bucket loads of rain turning the pitch conditions considerably.
City’s goalie Adam Richards saved a fast paced United attack on goal resulting in a corner to the home side.
Superb defence by Craig Wallace and Johnny Janiw would see the ball cleared and almost result in a goal at the City end. It wasn’t to be and at full time a well-played draw was the result.

Korumburra took to the pitch missing some key players out through injury and being away.
Some younger players stepped up and City got away to a nervous start against the strong United side.
United snuck one past City’s keeper Bridie Allen to open the scoring at the 25 minute mark. Another quick goal followed and again just before the half time break to see Korumburra trailing Wonthaggi 0 to 3.
Once more player/coach Lucy MacPherson talked up her team’s efforts pleading with the ladies to not let this game get away from them.
A couple of on field changes did the trick, with City pushing into attack and earning a corner kick.
MacPherson took the kick and slotted it into the net lifting City greatly. Another corner saw Lucy MacPherson awarded her second before Rachel Rosse slotted the equalizer.
City started to run rings around United who couldn’t break through the fast midfield.
From another corner, MacPherson showed her skill and netted her third goal of the day at the 82 minute mark to put Wonthaggi away for the day. Korumburra City taking an extremely well deserved win 4 to 3.

Under 16s
Ever improving Korumburra City took out a great win over Wonthaggi United in windy conditions.
During the first half, a deadly cross from Peter Veltri to the boot of Curtis Gardner resulted in Curtis kicking a great goal and the celebration was priceless.
Aidan Hall was unlucky to have a goal disallowed from an offside call when he received a pass off his own boot.
Heads held high and an own goal off a Wonthaggi player, at half time it was Korumburra leading 2 to 1.
Hall found the net in the second half.
Wonthaggi continuing to put pressure on Korumburra’s defenders, Riley Olden fantastic in goals, Kieran Lewis and Milly Hurst superb in defence.
Joel Finlay had a good run on the pitch working the ball well with Aaron Lopez-Freeman, Joey McNeill and Amelia Downie. Korumburra City the victors 3-2.

Under 15 Girls
Korumburra City were shell shocked in the opening minutes of the game when Wonthaggi United out played them to find the net three times within the first seven minutes.
Burra settled once Estelle Rosse and Milly Hurst made it onto the pitch, Dakota DeCarlo finding the net at the 16 minute mark. At the half time break, Wonthaggi led 5 to 2, both of Korumburra’s goals coming from Dakota.
Estelle found the net in the second half, as did Dakota for a hat trick on the day.
Defenders Jordan Egan and Fern Hurst played great games, Fern taking on players much older and bigger and continually winning the ball. Alana Lopez-Freeman used her pace and skills well as did Zhi Xia McNeill until she left the pitch injured.
Milly Hurst settled into the game well and had some fantastic passing shots and runs on the pitch. Abbey Nicholls played well again and is continually improving.
Aaliyah Nagel was fantastic in goals, unlucky to have a couple of goals conceded by the opposition’s relentless attack. Unfortunately it wasn’t to be City’s day, unable to take the win, a 4-7 loss.

Under 12s
Another convincing win to Korumburra City against a team higher on the ladder. Coach Graham Beech praised every single player.
“Under 12’s played what was their best game this season against Wonthaggi, up 6-2 at half-time and 12-6 at full-time.
“Great performances across the board with five goals to Liam Richards and four to Julio Decarlo who were fed some fantastic through balls by Harrison Clark. Also a great game Fern Hurst taking on Wonthaggi’s best player and limiting his damage. The whole team contributed to what was a great result.”