The actions of a landholder in shooting a loose dog, as reported in the June 20 edition, ‘Sad end for Allie and Dozer’, are justified, and supported by at least two government committees.
In a June 14 media release announcing appointments to the Victorian Wild Dog Management Advisory Committee, the Minister for Agriculture said, “Wild dogs pose a significant threat to Victoria’s livestock and effective ongoing pest management is crucial for this industry”.
The recently released report of the Environment, Natural Resources and Regional Development Committee of the state parliament, on their Inquiry into the control of invasive animals states, “Wild dogs pose a danger to children and adults through attacks and the spread of disease. Wild dogs prey on native wildlife and farm animals, especially sheep and goats”, and on dogs said, “shooting is a practical management method”.
The message to dog owners is clear – keep your dogs within your property, and when out, keep them on a lead. Otherwise the potential exists for the dog to be dispatched by shooting.
Maurice Schinkel, Cowes.