Councillor Les Larke in his proposed amendments at the June Council Meeting was obviously trying to address the problem of Bass Coast Shire Council’s high employment costs and the top heaviness of the organisation.
Many ratepayers have been pointing out this problem during Budget debates over many years without success and nothing seems to change.
Have councillors looked at some of their ratios and compared them to other like councils? For example, comparing total income and the number of employees?
This shows that Baw Baw on average manages income of $348,200 per employee whilst Bass Coast on average manages income of $241,500 per employee.
Baw Baw has 24 per cent more income than Bass Coast and 14 per cent less staff than Bass Coast.
Cr Larke understands the financial position as a practicing CPA and should be congratulated by ratepayers and fellow councillors for trying to do something to correct the situation.
John Swarbrick, Rhyll.