I found Mr Pizzaro’s recent comments in the Sentinel-Times about the airstrip near Inverloch very interesting.
I’m not sure Mr Pizarro is fully aware of the surrounding residents’ views on the matter of a proposal to run joy flights over our properties.
We bought our respective land in a quiet rural area to have the lifestyle we wanted to live.
Does he live in the vicinity of proposed joy flights, I wonder?
And does he know for sure the plane being used has the same muffler he had on his plane?
I’m not sure how the tourist dollar going around seven times would aid any of the residents living in the area other than the proprietor of the said joy flights.
The only thing we will receive as far as I can visualise is noise and chemical pollution.
The last I spoke to a resident there were close to 37 objectors.
Referring to a statement about his experiences in far north Queensland, objecting to the flights because their illegal crops might be spotted, I hope that was reported to the correct authorities.
It’s certainly not an issue on Bambrook Road, if that’s what he thinks our objections are about.
We feel very proud of our little community and can only hope to preserve the tranquillity in our area.
Lorraine Bain, Bambrook Road, Inverloch.