DESPITE the near Arctic conditions, a group of Bass Coast farmers attended a farm safety day held at the Hitchings farm on Thursday, July 20.
In aid of Farm Safety Week right across Australia, GippsDairy and Worksafe teamed together to host an information session discussing the risks and dangers of farming and ways to appropriately assess, manage and minimise risks on farms.
Worksafe inspector Jack Carmody travelled down to Wonthaggi to discuss with local farmers what they can and should be doing to protect themselves and their employees.
Quadbike safety was high on the agenda with the discussion on helmets and the protective quad bar and life guard.
Mr Carmody emphasised to the group that “Worksafe isn’t evil or the devil, we’re here to make sure that you or anyone that steps onto your farm will be safe”.
The discussion also provided the local farmers with some hard truths on the lifestyle of farming and how dangerous it can be.
“From the 27 Workplace deaths in Victoria last year, 21 of them occurred on farms. Farming’s a tough gig.”
However, despite early objection to some of the discussion, the local farmers managed to take something away from the session and insist their farm’s safety will be improved.