THE Adkins family has been working tirelessly to bring local talent together and showcase the very best our region has to offer.

And it’s paying off, as Leongatha Lyric Theatre’s production of Hairspray kicks off this Friday, July 7.

The Hairspray conversation never ends at the Adkins’ household, with mum Louise and her daughters Katelyn, Rachel and Sophie all taking part in the production that is set to blow the roof off of Mesley Hall.

Back in the family home and all four say despite working long days and then into the night practising for Hairspray, they’re all still up and about past midnight and sometimes with the lights still on at two or even three in the morning.

It will be the first time Louise has directed a show and she says her mind’s constantly buzzing, thinking about Hairspray and how to make it a stellar show.

“The rehearsals have been amazing, we have a fantastic cast and the energy of the rehearsals and what we’re preparing to show everybody is coming along really well,” Louise said.

Exhausted would be an understatement for this family, yet with smiles and optimistic attitudes, they keep working away.

“We’ve been part of local musical theatre for the past eight years and I had run a dance school for 14 years so we’ve always worked together as a team.”

The daughters have always loved Hairspray, constantly watching it at home in their younger years. Twins Rachel and Sophie are part of The Dynamites and Katelyn plays Amber Von Tussle.

“Our love for Hairspray the musical, or the movie when it came out years ago, has meant that if we were to ever direct something there was no question it would be this,” Louise said.

“So it’s something I feel like we could do with our eyes closed because we all loved it so much.”

She says they work well together and while they do have the occasional argument, they all have the end goal in sight of putting together a fantastic show.

There’s plenty of troubleshooting at home so when the family comes to rehearsals they’re ready to go and can spend more time practising the show with cast members rather than going over small issues.

“I think that’s made the rehearsal process really smooth and fast, there’s so much choreography to teach and there’s so much to do, but by all being cohesive when we turn up to rehearsals means that it all works really well and we’re having fun along the way.”

For tickets, go to the box office in Mesley Hall or online