THE Bass Coast Shire Council’s controversial new three-bin system is being rolled out across the shire with the first bins arriving on the nature strips across Phillip Island in the past week.
As 60 per cent of the houses (Census figures) are holiday homes, many of the bins are still sitting out front uncollected.
They include stickers on the bin telling people they can start using them in September!
And also that they can put their old bins out for collection at end of August, by lying them down on the nature strip.
A bemused Island resident was mystified about the need to change the ‘yellow lid’ bin for example, which seems identical in every way to the new bin.
“It seems a wanton waste. Must be costing us a mint,” she said.
The delivery of three bins to each household means many residents will have five bins for up to two months until the new service begins in September.
Each household in the shire will get a 240L organics bin (green lid), a 240L recycling bin (yellow lid) and a 120L waste bin (red lid) over the course of the next two months.
The organics bin is emptied weekly. The recycling and waste bins are emptied fortnightly.
Each household will get a free kitchen caddy and a 12-month supply of liners, made out of corn starch. Liners are free and can be collected from customer the shire’s service centres and transfer stations.
Every household which pays the annual garbage charge will receive three new bins to replace their old one, regardless of their condition.
The annual garbage charge $374, up $47 on last year or 14.37%, principally to introduce an organics service. The shire collects almost $9.4 million from ratepayers purely for the garbage service.
If you want an additional waste bin, it will cost you an additional $132.50 annually.
The new bin service starts on Monday, September 4.