By Michael Giles

POLITICIANS, as we know, are no students of history.
It’s all they can do to think in four year blocks, focused on their own sorry butts and the next state election, due in November 2018.
Which is why they wouldn’t realise what an utter insult it would be if both sides simply went to the next election promising to build a new senior campus of the Wonthaggi Secondary College.
No. Wrong. We’ve heard that several times before.
A new regime gets in and realises that their finances aren’t what they should be and discretionary spending, on projects like Wonthaggi’s school in a safe seat, can wait.
Both have already been guilty of that.
Because the rumour we have heard is that’s how the Andrews’ Government wants to treat Wonthaggi Secondary College – come out some time next year with a promise that it will be funded in the first year of the next Labor Government.
Not good enough.
Generations of our kids have already missed out on decent education facilities, something most other students already enjoy, and in a growing area, it’s vital that the funding is committed now.
The failure to fund the school project in the May budget is causing significant fallout, with the shire forced to put resulting plans for sporting facilities and other developments into suspended animation.
The Wonthaggi Boxing Club is one such group affected by this and it’s a disgrace to see what’s happening to the old fire station while we wait to see what the future will bring.
Surely they could be allowed to use the site on a strictly limited basis until the secondary college project is funded.
We were told at the time when Wonthaggi Secondary College missed out that the community would be kept informed of developments and would also engaged in the campaign to get funding but so far we’ve heard nothing.
Apparently this is because assurances have been given.
But the fact is, if the Andrews Government intends to fund the project, they should come out now and say so, whether it’s 2018, 2019 or 2020.
At least then we could get on with planning all of the other things that will flow from the development of a new secondary school in Wonthaggi.