I need to correct an unfortunate misrepresentation (Sentinel-Times, July 4, p 10) of my presentation to the council on June 28.
The quote that appeared to be attributed to me in the Sentinel-Times article was in fact the original recommendation of the council (later in the day withdrawn and replaced by a recommendation for a transition plan for Korumburra Visitors Centre).
The submission to the council by the Foster Community Association and the Foster Chamber of Commerce was our response to the council’s Visitor Information Centre review survey.
The parameters of that survey required us to support one of five options. The option we supported, given that cost savings were clearly a priority, was Option 5:
Maintain full accreditation or yellow ‘I’ status in current co-located facility at the Stockyard Gallery Foster. The Korumburra VIC, co-located at Coal Creek Community Park and Museum will be replaced with a non-accredited volunteer operated service with limited opening in non-peak times and an increased digital presence. A reliable pool of volunteers will be necessary to ensure a high service level at the Korumburra location.
The other options, including closing both VICs, either failed to address the real benefit of VICs to both tourism and the town in which they are located, made no cost savings, or increased costs.
My presentation to the council concerning maintaining the accredited Foster VIC made no mention of Korumburra.
Lynn Atkinson, Foster Community Association.