Bass Coast Shire Council has never passed a motion, by-law or anything else, declaring Coronet Bay or any other beach in the shire suitable and available for horse riding.
I have spoken to previous long standing councillors for the old Leadbeater ward, and they have no recollection of anything ever being put to council to make Coronet Bay/Corinella different to any other beach in the shire.
There was an attempt by the former DSE to implement a permit scheme for horse trainers which failed, but nothing by council.
Horse riders have no more right to ride at Coronet Bay than they do at any other beach in the shire.
Coronet Bay residents were never bothered with a few locals riding their horses on the beach.
It was only when outsiders overwhelmed the area that it became a problem. With outsiders such as Stephen Fullerton (councillor for everywhere but Phillip Island) agitating and stirring up trouble, the end losers will be the locals when a total ban is implicated.
Des Burgess, Coronet Bay.