I was greatly saddened reading the report in Sentinel-Times of July 4, about the poisoning of a young family’s pet dog.
How terrible – it almost reduced me to tears. It happened to me once many years ago, when a bait was thrown over my courtyard fence and killed our little Westie, a gentle children’s pet, who had been put out briefly for a late night toilet, before going to bed inside.
Gnarly’s owners were just too trusting of their fellow citizens.
There are people out there with a hatred of anything small and furry that moves.
The indiscriminate way in which these baits were reportedly laid, indicates a complete lack of humanity.
Domestic pets, native animals and small children could all be the targets.
In recent years the acrimonious anti-dog letters from Inverloch residents in the Sentinel-Times painted Inverloch as a town where dogs were not particularly welcome.
Pet owners need to keep very close watch over their animals.
No matter how special, gentle and trustworthy your pet might be, there are people living in the community who believe the only good dog or cat is a dead one.
Lyn Whitlam, Glen Forbes.