In the midst of recent and long overdue talk about the need for transparency, accountability, and competence from our local councils, I was bemused by two recent events.
First, we hear that an application to build a new supermarket in Korumburra is about to be submitted to the council, but in the same edition we see multiple examples of the council’s support for the proposal, and indications that the project is proceeding.
I’m making no comment either way about the proposal itself, merely pointing out that it is imprudent, at best, for the council to be showing such support for a project that, at the time, had not even submitted an application.
Second, in last week’s paper, we were informed that the proprietor of the Venus Bay Caravan Park has submitted an application to rezone a very large proportion of that land, to remove large amounts of vegetation and subdivide it into residential blocks.
The reality is that this land was actually surveyed and marked for division last year, and large amounts of clearing has been taking place since last year.
Also, is it a coincidence that a large council land reserve at 143A Inlet View Road was sold last year to that particular proprietor in a transaction that is marked ‘commercial in confidence’ in council documents?
I note that the position of that block would greatly enhance access between the caravan park land and Inlet View Road, thus increasing the viability of the subdivision.
These and other like events leave me wondering whether the council is incompetent, ignorant of proprietary and/or increasingly dismissive of the rights of its constituents.
Dr Terence Bartholomew, Venus Bay.