Has this just been a headline grabbing distraction? It’s too close to Melbourne. Taking off, mostly into prevailing south westerly breezes, of course, they won’t turn left into Tullamarine air space. So they’ll roar in steep climb to safe altitude, over Phillip Island – a regular new terrorism style event, for penguins and tourists, even petrol heads at the track.
Now that first consideration for any major project is climate change, the name Koo Wee Rup is incomplete, previously Koo Wee Rup Swamp.
There were more but there still are signs advising “Road subject to flooding”. There are drainage channels higher than adjacent land, retained by dykes, just like Holland.
Adjacent to Western Port, the drained swamp, lower than it used to be, obviously cannot tolerate more than the tiniest smidge of sea level rise and no storm surge.
The idea of a container port was silly enough, more recently an LNG import terminal hasn’t made much sense.
But the idea of building an international airport, on a swamp at sea level really does make you worry what kind of drugs are taken by rich and powerful project proponents.
Of course, go ahead will be conditional on finance being guaranteed by taxpayers, as per desal plant, so private sector makes profit while completely protected from liability.
This project proposal surely falls, before the first fence, even with folks who are still not 100 per cent convinced about climate change.
Bernie McComb, Phillip Island.