MEMBERS of the Wonthaggi Lions Club are a permanent fixture outside Woolworths in Murray Street of a Saturday morning, cooking up a storm.
But this Thursday, August 3, they’ll be serving up free sausages in McBride Avenue, outside the Sentinel-Times office, instead.
It’s all part of the community’s response to the disappointment of the State Budget in May when the Wonthaggi Secondary College didn’t receive its promised funding for a new senior campus.
Plans for a new three-court sports stadium also went by the wayside at the same time.
And, truthfully speaking, the sausage sizzle isn’t ‘free’.
Those that drop by, between 11.30am and 1.30pm, can only expect to get a free sausage if they agree to sign the petition, calling on the State Government to finally fund Wonthaggi’s long-awaited, number one priority.
The sausage sizzle is being sponsored by the Sentinel-Times but it’s the Wonthaggi Business and Tourism Association, together with the Wonthaggi Secondary College School Council who have joined forces to raise the petition.
As well as the physical petition that you can sign this Thursday, there’s also a petition available on line at:
The school council and the business association decided to launch the petition together because they wanted to demonstrate a united community front for the project to be funded, and also, they wanted to take the politics out of it.
Bass MP Brian Paynter had already launched his own petition and has welcomed the community initiative.
“This is great. It’s just what you’d hope to see, a community coming out together in support of something that’s just so important,” Mr Paynter said.
“They’ve been tremendously patient up until now but it’s pretty clear that they’ve had enough,” he said.
It’s only a little over a year to the next State Election but the community of Wonthaggi is hopeful they won’t have to go through another election process, that the funding for the new school campus is announced sooner rather than later.